What is the temperature like in November during the period of Okinawa outdoor week? What outfit is appropriate? Can we bathe in the sea?


November is the best season of a trip to Okinawa! Check the weather and appropriate clothing!!

November is the time when GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week takes place.
November in mainland Japan is when autumn leaves front gradually moves to the south
and the first snowfall of the season is reported in some places.
Being totally different from the climate in Mainland Japan, it is still warm season in November in Okinawa.
There must be a lot of things we have to worry about the weather like
“Is the sea water warm enough to bathe in?” “Do we need a long sleeve item?” “Does it get cold at night during the camping days?”, etc.

So, we checked out the weather in Okinawa this time!

Q1: What is the weather like in Okinawa in November?
A1: Japan Meteorological Agency announced an average temperature in Okinawa in 2016 is 21 degrees Celsius.
It is said that is similar to the climate in Tokyo in June.
The temperature is quite comfortable in T-shirt without feeling chilly but you should prepare jacket or something like that, to be on a safe side.

◆Monthly metrological data in Okinawa in 2016 ◆

What is enclosed with a red square is the data in November.
An average temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius and surprisingly enough, the highest temperature exceeds 28 degrees Celsius!

◆ Monthly metrological data in Tokyo in 2016◆

Obviously, it is considerably warm in 2016 compared with the temperature of Tokyo on November,2016.
The result of the above comparison tells us that Tokyo’s average temperature in June and Okinawa’s one in November are almost the same.
The data source: Both data are from “Japan Meteorological Agency” HP

Q2: Is it likely to rain in November?

A2: The precipitation amount in November 2016 is about 120mm.
This is an average precipitation in a month of spring and autumn.
And as last year’s data show, November is a month when the precipitation amount ranks second
in a year because approaching typhoons substantially decrease in number in November.
It suddenly starts to rain in Okinawa because it is located in the subtropical zone,
but many people there won’t buy an umbrella because it is likely to stop raining more often than not.

Q3: How much does it get cold at night?

A3: An average minimum temperature in 2016 is 19.6 degrees Celsius.
It won’t be any problem with one cut and sewn if you stay overnight at a hotel.
To be on a safe side, it is recommendable that you have a little bit heavy wear like parka and sweatshirt for tent lodging.

Q4: Can we bather in sea water any time in a day?
A4: An average sea water temperature in November is 24 degrees Celsius.
You are likely to feel a little bit chilly when the wind is blowing.
Swimming period is over at the beach at this time but there are a lot of activities for you to be able to enjoy the sea.
The reference site: “TABIRAI Okinawa

Q5: Don’t typhoons come?
A5: In Okinawa of this season, when the typhoon season is over, you will see comparatively a lot of patches of blue sky and you don’t have to worry about the rainfall in the least. The sunlight at the beach is weakened and mild and seems to be just right for peaceful walking.
The reference site: “SHIMANCHU NAVI Okinawa remote islands

We hear November, it reminds us of somewhat cold season.
But in southern island, Okinawa, you can enjoy activities to your heart’s content by forgetting coldness!
Never miss the chance to fully enjoy the nature in Okinawa in the mood with the season going back to summer!

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