Activity Japan launched a special website featuring “GO OUT Okinawa outdoor week 2017”!


Please enjoy activities to your heart’s content at various stages
in respective areas of Okinawa Main Island!

Outdoor fashion magazine-produced “GO OUT Okinawa outdoor week 2017” is held for one week starting on15th (Wednesday) and 21st (Wednesday) November, 2017. If you are wondering what kind of activities you can experience on activity sites, the first thing you’ve got to do is to get access to the Activity Japan’s special site. An activity plan limited only to this project will make an appearance and it is possible to make a reservation in a more advantageous manner by using a coupon code!

“GO OUT Okinawa outdoor week 2017” can provide an abundant variety ranging from sea-related activities to activities particular to this area and hardly experienced somewhere else, so take a look at the special website all over and make a lot of reservations to enjoy great outdoors of Okinawa!