Even beginners can row it quite easily? We asked the Okinawa Qajaq Centre this and that about sea kayak!


The event ‘Go Out Okinawa Outdoor Week 2017’ will be staged Wednesday November 15 through Tuesday November 21.
Though ‘November’ sounds a little chilly as for weather, the average temperature
in mid-November in Okinawa is about the same as that in Tokyo in June!
It’s a best season for outdoor activities!

And when it comes to Okinawa, the best sight is, after all, the sea with the exceptional transparency!
During the Okinawa Outdoor Week, you can experience diversified marine activities.
We asked the relevant person in the Okinawa Qajaq Centre that offers the sea kayak tour,
which is a plan exclusive to this project, about various things involved in sea kayak.

Sea kayaking is a very popular sport which even persons or families who are not adept at swimming can enjoy.
Even people who feel uneasy though interested in it will want to try cruising after reading this.


Q1 : Even beginners can row it quite easily?
A1 : They may get easily fatigued while they are not accustomed to row, but after some practice they will be able to row smoothly.

Q2 : I cannot swim. Does that present a problem?
A2 : Rowers wear life jackets, so there’s no problem should the kayak upturn.

Q3 : Will there be seasickness?
A3 : Not many people get seasick, but if you feel worried, bring anti-seasickness pills.

Q4 : Will water get into the kayak, letting the rower get wet?
A4 : While you are aboard the kayak, you will not get wet like when you swim,
but may get wet a little as you are near the water surface after all.
But should the kayak upturn you will get wet all over, so if you feel worried about it
you should wear something that presents no problem if you get soppy wet all over.

Q5 : What should I wear including shoes?
A5 : During rowing on the sea, you get sun-drenched, so you should bring hat,
long-sleeved shirt, swimshorts, marine shoes and, if possible, sunglasses and extra clothes.
In case you want to go into the water, bringing goggles and a snorkel is recommended.

Q6 : Is it possible to kayak together with a child?
A6 : Child of 5 years old or over can kayak together with his/her parent.
You may kayak together with a guide.  Tell the guide if you so want.

Q7 : Will the tour be canceled if it rains?
A7 : It depends on the rain, but it will be canceled in poor weather conditions for safety’s sake.

Q8 : How can I deposit valuables?
A8 : Personal belongings shall be taken care of by the possessor. For small articles like wallets or keys, rental dry bags are ready on board.

Q9 : Are two-seat kayaks available for kayaking together with a friend?
A9 : Of course they are available! You can enjoy kayaking with your friend or by intimate couple.

Q10 : What’s the difference between a kayak and a canoe?
A10 : Shapes of the ship and the paddle are different between a kayak and a canoe.
Basically, the one the rower’s lower body fits completely inside it is called kayak.

Now that you are here in much-awaited Okinawa, it’d be a shame if you’d give up experiencing sea activities just because you cannot swim!
Do fully enjoy yourself in the emerald sea with beginner-friendly sea kayak.

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