It’s OK not to Camp out! Enjoy the GO OUT CAMP RYUYU Day Trip to Okinawa with Shopping and Gourmet Food!!


No problem with even day camping or arriving hands-free.  Ways to enjoy the GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU Day Trip to Okinawa 120%.

“GO OUT CAMP,” one of the largest camp festivals in Japan, hosted by the outdoor fashion magazine “GO OUT.”
Up until now, this event, which has been held at various places all over the country, including “GO OUT CAMP Kansai” and “GO OUT CAMP Inawashiro,” will be finally landed in Okinawa for the first time as the feature content “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU” of “GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week 2017” to be held in the week of November 15 – November 21!
The venue is Okinawa Kenmin no Mori (Okinawa Prefectural citizens’ forest). It’s fun to enjoy live performances in the daytime and camping out at night, but GO OUT CAMP can be enjoyed thoroughly even on a day trip!

1.Shopping and workshop experience at Brand Avenue!

At Brand Avenue, you have the chance to check out the popular brands on GO OUT at once!
With clothing and gear bearing that brand available at affordable prices, you can also enjoy workshops.  There is fun only to be experienced with “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU”!

▼ For the details of the brand booths, visit here 
LoweAlpine Silvermark

2.You are fully filled with Okinawa gourmet both mentally and physically! A wide variety of dishes are available at the food court

A food court will make its debut produced by Okinawa’s largest food celebration “OKINAWA FOOD FLEA”!
Since a wide array of food is available ranging from snacks that are perfect for beer and awamori to food that is indispensable for energy supply during live performances, there is no problem even if you participate hands-free.

Okinawa’s largest “food festival” that started in August 2014.
Chefs who face food seriously meet together in ​​Okinawa and the festival is crowded with many customers every time as a place to demonstrate the possibilities and creativity of food.

3. Participation in the activities available on the day

You can enjoy a variety of activities throughout the venue ranging from those to move your body, such as yoga and slack line, to outdoor karaoke and popular instagrammer yuriexx67’s talk show.
Also available are activities that parent and child can join, so participating in the event in a picnic mood is OK!

4.Enjoy your favorite artist with surgical precision!

Of course it is the artists’ live performances that you should not forget!
On the 18th (Saturday), Caravan and the vocal and bassist of UKULELE GYPSY (Kiyosaku from MONGOL 800) of “MONGOL 800 vocal & base” will appear you want to listen while feeling the scenic Okinawa breeze!
And on Sunday the 19th (Sunday), artists, such as MOOMIN, a pioneer of Japanese reggae, and men and women mixed unit DW Nichols, will perform live!

For the daily schedule of all the artists, please visit here.

As day tickets for both November 18th and 19th are available, so those who are thinking that it would be a bit difficult to camp out are strongly recommended to check this out!
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■Plan with a two-day admission for “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU”!!
■【Three days】 plan with a two-day admission ticket
■【Four days】 plan with a two-day admission ticket
■【Five days】 plan with a two-day admission ticket

■Plan with a one-day admission for “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU”!!
■【Three days】 plan with a one-day admission ticket
■【Four days】 plan with a one-day admission ticket
■【Five days】 plan with a one-day admission ticket