“OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” produces a food area, GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU!!


“FOOD FLEA,” the Okinawa biggest food warms up GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU!

“GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU” is a key event held during the “GO OUT Okinawa outdoor week.
“What particularly attract the attention of campers participating in the event are a lot of elaborately designed contents.
Those contents include popular artists’ live performance and shopping enjoyment at a bargain in a special brand booth,
just to name a few. In addition, contents of various shapes and forms are in place,
for example, the activity area is available for a group member to engage in some kind of activities and the workshop area provides opportunities for parents and children to experience together.

And, what is worthy of special attention is the food court produced by “OKINAWA FOOD FLEA”.
“OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” is a food festival launched in August 2014 and became the topic” in Okinawa.
“OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” is crowded with many people every time as a venue for cooks dealing with foods squarely to get together and show the creativity and creativity of food.

“OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” is of Okinawa origin and festival.”The festival started in festival.”The festival started in August 2014 as a place where food professionals on site get together, admire and enjoy food while giving their full attention to food and exercise their creativity there. Please take a look at what challenging professionals really are in Okinawa and sample the delights of cuisine prepared wholeheartedly in OKINAWA FOOD FLEA.

Reference source:”OKINAWA FOOD FLEA”Homepage

Reference image source :“OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” homepage

“OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” provides special contents being available only in Okinawa and impossible to experience even in the original “GO OUT CAMP” held in Fumotoppara.
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