Food area is produced by OKINAWA FOOD FLEA. Information of open up a first store is released!!


Variety rich line-up from Okinawa’s local beer to Ryukyu Mexican, Vegan recipes, etc!!

Japan’s largest camp festival “GO OUT CAMP” organized by outdoor fashion magazine “GO OUT.” This event held so far in different venues all over the country, including “GO OUT CAMP Kansai” and “GO OUT CAMP Inawashiro” will make a first landing in Okinawa as “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU” with the feature of the highlight contents of “GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week 2017” scheduled to continue for one week from November 11 to November 21.
The venue is the forest of Okinawa Prefectural citizens.

A lot of elaborate contents attract a lot of special supports from visiting campers. At the stage, you can watch live performances of popular artists, enjoy special shopping at a special brand booth and in addition, there are various contents available such as activity areas for you to move your body with your friends and workshop areas for parents and children to have an opportunity for experience!!

And, what I would like you to pay particular attention to at “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU” is a food court produced by “OKINAWA FOOD FLEA”! “OKINAWA FOOD FLEA” is a ” festival of food” launched in August 2014 and a much-talked-about event in Okinawa. Chefs with full attention to food in Okinawa get together there and they demonstrate possibilities and creativity of food at the event where there is a good turnout of people every time. There was an announcement of the first round of tenant shops in the food area, so let me introduce them to you!

Variety rich line-up is from Okinawa’s local beer to Ryukyu Mexican, homemade buns hamburgers, Vegan cuisines, etc. Besides food, there are accessories shops to vintage ware shops further inclusion of massage shops and you can enjoying the contents by simply strolling slowly around this area after eating and healing!!?


Beer service car of New York style starts from the second avenue Okinawa. In addition to Okinawa local beer, 10 kinds of local brand beer of high quality thoroughly managed are served by the direct server system.


Bacon and baby back ribs smoked at low temperature for eight hours are available. Starting drinking beer in the daytime, you can enjoy a comfortable space with the best companions♪


Ryukyu Mexican. FOOD CAR. Please enjoy the taste of an authentic Mexican taco!

Captain kangaroo

Burger style made up in your own way like camping taste at GO OUT CAMP! Buns and patty are baked here and so let’s make the best burger with several kinds of homemade sauce & spice, vegetables, etc.!



Based on the concept of “Eating, Body and Beautiful,” Vegan cuisines are cooked so that heart and body may be able to be pleased.

Freaky hands

Freaky hands is a handmade accessory shop being devoted itself to making accessories one by one with the greatest care based on the concept of making good things. In order to maximize the individuality and charm of natural stones that have been nurtured over a long time on the earth, accessories are made using the knitting technique ‘Macrame’ from ancient times.


The most popular hamburger shop in Chatan-cho. Patty attached to homemade buns is a big sales point and a Shelby’s FOOD TRUCK serves as a landmark!!


GOZZA puts on sale in a limited quantity of “Island pig fillet pork cutlet sandwiches” sold in more than 2,000 in Osaka Hankyu Department store. Soft and juicy pork cutlets are carefully dressed and dipped into homemade sauce luxuriously containing fruit puree and sofrito for making sandwiches!!


jiii handmakes clothing one by one using soft materials familiar to the skin. Please enjoy clothes with different expression one by one.

Palm street CRAFT

It is the only authorized distributor of WESCO in Okinawa. Why don’t you make a pair of shoes you can enjoy throughout your life? Boot specialists politely talk with you.


The shop owner is a prime mover of Yanbaru Harusa Project and serves the best cuisines using gorgeous spices and vegetables grown in Yanbaru Okinawa and directly delivered from there.

Feel free to eat Asian rice♪Asian kitchen Saai Roang.

Feel free to eat Asian rice♪Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in Yomitan Village.



A shop sells multinational color products that the shop owner found in Asian countries. The selection of commodities is based on the concept of “Family can enjoy camping style.” We are waiting for you in Irocolife GO OUT specifications.


Vietnamese Meshi Marley

Vietnamese Dish Marley reproduces the taste of stalls and serves original Vietnamese foods with sincerity. Let’s take a trip to Vietnam!!

Whistle sausage Pukapuka Puka

Food processing shop Pukapuka Puka selects only necessary materials and takes time to carefully make products one by one from 2005 to up to now in order for customers to be able to taste the deliciousness of the materials.


Solar massage

Lymphatic massage using Thai oil produced by Omoromachi chiropractic. Women feel relieved to receive treatment because practitioners are all female. They are particularly skillful for pelvis adjustment and lymphatic massage!

RAINBOW WATER(Gemstone and hemp clothing)

It is crucial to be able to live comfortably and pleasantly. With that in mind, “RAINBOW WATER” was born in Okinawa as a brand to serve to express an idea to share the sense with as many people as possible through making hemp items and gemstone accessories. I’m looking forward to seeing you.


HAND Signpainters Co.

Technique of handwritten signboards inherited abroad (sign paint) They make handwritten signboards from design to painting with technique learned by themselves including large signboards, window signs and shop logos. GO OUT exhibits works and sells including original craft of sundry goods.


CORK used clothing and leather works

CORK used clothing and leather works It sells vintage clothes, regular secondhand clothes, original leather items of careful manual finish one by one and characteristic items such as earrings with gemstones purchased abroad.

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Artist Live
and more!!!

For the daily schedule of all the artists, please visit here.

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■Plan with a two-day admission for “GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU”!!
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■【Three days】 plan with a one-day admission ticket
■【Four days】 plan with a one-day admission ticket
■【Five days】 plan with a one-day admission ticket