No reservation required!!Participation on the day is acceptable!! Activities you can experience in GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU.


You can play to your heart’s content from morning till night by activities to fully enjoy the nature.

“GO OUT CAMP,” one of the largest camp festivals in Japan is under the sponsorship of outdoor fashion magazine “GO OUT.”
The events have taken place been so far in various venues all over the country as “GO OUT CAMP Kansai,” “GO OUT CAMP Inawashiro,” etc.
and this time, the same event is to happen in Okinawa for the first time as “GO OUT CAMP RYUKU” featuring highlight contents of “GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week 2017”
held during one week between November 11 and November 21.
The venue is the forest of Okinawa Prefectural citizens. Gorgeous artists’ Live shows are one of the enjoyments, but besides those performances,
fulfilling outdoor activities and contents unique to GO OUT CAMP serve as great attraction. Outdoors activities and contents
you can experience in the venue bunch together as follows this time!


Bouldering is a much talked about sport becoming as an official athletic event in Tokyo Olympics.
Bouldering is a sport requiring climbers to climb using only their arms and legs
but, on top of that, it demands the flexibility of the brain and body,
and a sense of accomplishment is also attractive for climbers.
Bouldering is what parents and children can enjoy together. Please enjoy bouldering with children!


You slowly take various posing variations, paying attention to Yoga breathing and posture.
The body is in a good balance and a natural state.
Again, no reservation is required and you can experience it free of charge!

3.Mlabri Hammock

“Mlabri Hammock” is a high-class hand-knitted hammock enjoying world reputation in terms of design,
durability, water resistance, and sleeping comfort.
All hammocks are of exclusive handmade by Mlabri tribe deep in the mountains in Thailand.
They say that it takes more than a couple of weeks to complex patterns like art works.


Sport to enjoy on a line 5cm wide. Walkers enjoy a tightrope act and an acrobatic technique.
The sense of balance develops to natural improvement of posture.
Everybody from children to adults can play. It is worthwhile for inexperienced people to try it!


A tent is floating in the air by using three trees. It is the shape of a new tent for you to taste the sense of a trampoline.

6.Aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga is New York original yoga in which yoga practitioners take posing in a hammock like cloth hanging from a ceiling.
It is a feature enabling to freely take yoga posing without feeling gravity in a state of being wrapped in clothing and hanging upside down.
You can enjoy yoga feeling floating in the air.

7.Bonfire revolutionist group

Here comes men’s group shouldering a big bonfire!
Why don’t you spend a chill-out time by surrounding the bonfire together at night?
The sound of DJ stage is to come from its vicinity. Let’s enjoy the camping night!
※Please note that a bonfire in the venue is prohibited. A bonfire can take place only after getting a special permission.

9.Famous Camp Instgramer「yuriexx67」Talkshow

In the talk show by yuriexx67 of the currently famous camp instagramar,
you may have a chance to listen to secrets distinctive characteristic of instagrmars,
including how to make a fancy website and shoot instagram!?

8.Logos Popful Shelter folding back competition

The competition is to decide who’ll be the fastest to fold back popular outdoor brand, Logos popful shelter.
They say the winners will get gorgeous prizes. If you are confident, why don’t you take part in the competition?
Corporation: :LOGOS

In addition, there are also a matchmaking party (reservation is required) where men and women fond of outdoor activities and camping get together and it is also scheduled to hold outdoors karaoke contest gathering big momentum every time the event is held.

Besides, many booths handling outdoor gear brands to garage brands are lined up. If you stop by those booths, you can enjoy shopping of outdoor gear, apparel, general merchandise, etc. from them. As eating and drinking booths are ready to serve you local specialty cuisine and dishes to make use of local ingredients, so there is nothing to worry about even if you don’t have meals

You can enjoy GO OUT CAMP RYUKYU to the degree as mentioned above if you have neither day trip plan nor prior reservation. Why don’t you invite neighbors, friends or families to participate the event?

For the daily schedule of all the artists, please visit here.

As day tickets for both November 18th and 19th are available, so those who are thinking that it would be a bit difficult to camp out are strongly recommended to check this out!
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