Let’s experience night spearfishing, your chance to catch loads of fish with a total length exceeding 30cm!

New night activity with enjoying the taste of your freshly caught fish.

You will find simple deep-sea fishing enjoyable.
But, if you come all way to Okinawa, why don’t you experience night spearfishing as a shore diver like a certain TV program?

Night spearfishing includes thrusting a fish with a spear while diving into the sea.
In the marine area surrounding our town, even a family and a couple can easily enjoy such experience
by receiving a kindly instruction from the instructors with a fishing license. Apparently,
some divers speared a lot of fish with a total length exceeding 30cm!
Many people say that even Okinawa prefecture has no other marine area available for night spearfishing.

Near our marine area, a Japanese pub serves Okinawan cuisine, open until 5 a.m.
If you spear a fish successfully, you can have it cooked to eat there.
We guarantee you would appreciate the superior taste of your speared fish!

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