“The Hamahigajima Island Half Circle Tour”—only available for the “GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week” tour!

Paddling a full-fledged kayak to enjoy the sea
around Hamahigajima, island of gods.

Hamahigajima is an unspoiled island located east of the main island of Okinawa
and connected to the main island by the mid-sea road and the Hamahigajima Bridge
which make it possible to visit the island by car.
The Half Circle Tour gives participants an opportunity to paddle sea kayaks
between the beach at Shirumichu, a sacred site on the island,
and another beautiful beach suitable for swimming on the other side of the island.
The fully equipped kayaks are generally used for long distance trips between islands.
The view of distant islands on the horizon from a kayak is a rare and unforgettable
experience far removed from most people’s daily life.

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