Thoroughly enjoy nature in Okinawa! Five recommended activities during the Okinawa outdoor week.

In each area in ​​Okinawa Main Island, thoroughly enjoy the activities!

“GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week 2017,” held over the week from Wednesday, November 15 to Tuesday, November 21, 2017, which an outdoor fashion magazine “GO OUT” will produce. Now the event is coming, but if you hesitate what activity to experience, first check the special website of Activity Japan! An activity plan limited to this project will also appear. Moreover, if you sign up using a coupon code, you can also make a reservation at a discount!

The weather will be generally good from this week to next week, and the maximum expected temperature in Okinawa Main Island will be about 77 °F. This is almost the same as the temperature in Tokyo in about June and it is a perfect season to enjoy outdoor activities. Now, we will introduce five recommended activities that we would like you to be sure to experience in Okinawa.

Parasailing with a Spectacular View of Churaumi (the beautiful sea in the Okinawan Japanese dialect)

An activity unique to Okinawa, where you can enjoy parasailing around Sesoko Island, Minna Island, and Ie Island near the Churaumi Aquarium. The landscape of the Okinawa Islands seen from the sky of about 150 feet above the ground in a mood to be a seabird is exactly the best one. It takes 30 to 60 minutes for the tour. Let’s enjoy the aerial walk with family, by the couple, or with close friends! Of course, we greatly welcome traveling alone. Anyone who is healthy and four years old or older (four feet or taller) can enjoy it. While gazing at the beautiful sea with the contrast between ultramarine with the sunshine and azure, let’s experience healing and elegant moments!

For details of the Parasailing with a Spectacular View of Churaumi, see here!!


Sunset Sea Kayak Cruise

Sea kayaking is an activity to enjoy the scenery at ease. You need not paddle it by force. So, a child, a woman, and a person without confidence in power can also paddle it! In addition, on the sea, always an instructor goes together, so even a beginner can take part in it safely. The sunset that you see from a floating kayak on the sea can make you experience a spectacular view that you have never tasted!

For details of Sunset Sea kayak cruise, see here!


Night SUP

Latest activity to explore the glittering sea at night by attaching a dedicated LED light under the water surface under a stand up paddle board (SUP), which gets popular in recent years! We definitely recommend it if you think that, because you will come to Okinawa all the way, you want to enjoy activities not only during the day but also at night! It is also pleasant that you can use SUP equipment, a locker, a hot shower, a wetsuit, a parking lot, and so on all for free! In addition, because this is a private SUP tour with one expert guide to two or three persons who have experienced, you can experience it at ease without being together with another group.

For details of the Night SUP, see here!!


Half Round Trip Plan around Hamahiga Island, Limited to GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week

Experiencing a sea kayak around Hamahiga Island, which is an isolated island located in the side of the east coast of Okinawa, connected to Okinawa Main Island by the Mid-Sea Road and Hamahiga Ohashi Bridge and you can go there by car! This is a short experience plan to paddle a kayak from the beach in Shirumichu, which is a holy place in Hamahiga Island, and go back by swimming in a nice beach on the backside. Because this is a rare experience plan using a sea kayak normally for long-distance touring such as going to an island, you can enjoy full-fledged sea kayaking! Moving on the sea while gazing at the islands floating on the far horizon must have fun that you cannot taste in everyday life!

For details of Half Round Trip Plan around Hamahiga Island, Limited to GO OUT Okinawa Outdoor Week, see here!


Landing on Nagannu Island! Day Trip to Swim in the Sea

Day trip to land and swim in the sea to Nagannu Island, which is only 20 minutes by ship from Naha but a paradise on the East China Sea leaving untouched nature. Since you are free on the island all day, you can spend time as you like such as enjoying marine sports at the beautiful sea around Nagannu surrounded with coral reefs, playing in the ocean, and sunbathing on the white sandy beach slowly. Many options such as snorkeling and ocean walking are prepared, so you can enjoy a luxurious day by arranging your own.

In addition to the activities we introduced here, there are marine activities like the south and the rare ones that you cannot experience elsewhere and they are rich in variety. So, checking the special website and making a lot of reservations, let’s enjoy the great nature in Okinawa, everybody!!

You can visit the special website of Activity Japan from here!

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